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SMS is greater platform forever used to communicate with customers even a small or big business. Xcodefix Global IT Solutions India Pvt Ltd understands the customers need and opens a user friendly platform of 'Bulk SMS Gateway or Transactional SMS Gateway' which is hassle free and customised for you to communicate with customers by SMS.

You can register and utilise the 'Xcodefix' SMS Gateway API for your Transactional and Promotional SMS. Keeping the consistency and making the relationship with the customers are essential for any type of business. Sustaining ourselves as proud to be a businessmen who require a greater platform for communicating with customers, ofcourse "xcodefix' simplifies and makes it smarter for your valuable business by the way of SMS Gateway.

Why customer prefer the 'Xcodefix Global IT Solutions India Pvt Ltd' SMS Gateway for Transactional & Promotional?

You can communicate with customers in the form of SMS alert for any information. Even a business or organisation spends money huge for promoting their products to public especially for promotional activities. Xcodefix Global IT Solutions India Pvt Ltd opens an economical platform of SMS gateway for customers who can communicate with customers in much much affordable and spend worthy for their business.

Xcodefix Global IT Solutions India Pvt Ltd SMS gateway provides Transactional and Promotional sms which are reliable, secure and quick for effective communication. To built strong relationship and create lead's which sms marketing reduce your cost and generate income for your business. Within organization sms communication plays an important role for reminders, alerts, motivation, transaction confirmations, announcements, recruitment and automation.

Xcodefix Global IT Solutions India Pvt Ltd SMS Gateway solution for large and medium organizations offers APIs for integration with their existing corporate software's or websites.

What is API and how it will work?

API (Application Programming Interface) allows you to integrate Xcodefix Global IT Solutions India Pvt Ltd SMS services into your own application/Website for better control and functionality required by you.

We have platform independent APIs therefore you can use them with any OS and on any programming language like ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, JSP, Ruby on Rails etc. Currently we support single SMS API (HTTP API ), Group SMS API (XML API).

Our XML SMS API supports two methods One to Many and Many to Many. Please refer the API documentation to check the implementation guide and methods supported.

HTTP API :This API is used to send single SMS from your application. It’s just an URL which you should call to send SMS.

XML API :This API is best suited for sending SMS in Group. Example:. you have a messages which you required to send to 500 people i.e. same message to multiple recipients, in this case you can use this API.

Dynamic XML API :Many times you need to send customized SMS. Example:. Different Mobile Numbers, Different Messages in Group. This API is best suited for this kind of situations.

Balance Check API :Use this API to check the balance of your account any time with expiry date.

Delivery Report API :This API shall be used to check the delivery status of your SMS (if, supported by your plan).

Why to Buy SMS API from Xcodefix

Xcodefix Global IT Solutions India Pvt Ltd SMS Gateway with API offers to enable any Website, Application or Information System with high speed, technologically advanced & secured 2-Way SMS Services. SMS Gateway API Integration can be implemented with a wide range of Simple, Secured & Flexible APIs offers a wide array of connection options like HTTP, SMPP, FTP, etc. We provide a comprehensive SMS Gateway API Integration document which guides you smoothly and easily through the complete integration process and also provide additional code scripts for use with all kinds of programming interfaces.

Do you required to integrate SMS solution to your website or application? If yes, then our HTTP API can fulfill your needs. Our HTTP API is very simple to use and integrate in any website or application. Our SMS Gateway API can be integrated for both 1-way Automated SMS Alerts in websites, ERP, CRM, etc applications and 2-Way SMS for Information-on-Demand. Our SMS gateway is robust, reliable, and easy to use.

SMS Gateway API can be used for some of the following services

  • Integration in website for SMS alerts.
  • SMS Integration in your ERP or CRM solutions for automated alerts.
  • 2-Way SMS Gateway API (Pull-Push)
  • Transactional Alerts via SMS (in Banking, eCommerce, Travels, Hotel, Finance, Education, Manufacture, IT Applications/Websites)

Moreover, we go a step further and provide Tailor-Made SMS Gateway API as per your company requirement.

Xcodefix Global IT Solutions India Pvt Ltd SMS Gateway API Integration

Xcodefix Global IT Solutions India Pvt Ltd has wide experience in SMS Gateway API integration with your website and also we have development many eCommerce websites with SMS API integration notification for our Clients.

SMS is the ideal communication way to keep people informed and updated, as well as creating a real time network of relevant information. SMS Gateway provides a reliable and secure business SMS services allowing mobile workforces to be integrated into process automation, maximizing efficiency in operations, reducing costs and providing a new communications channel.

If you need any SMS gateway integrated website/application into your system, Xcodefix Global IT Solutions India Pvt Ltd offer full-fledged, reliable and secure SMS Gateway API Integration Solution. All you have to do is to let us know what kind of service you are using and rest is our work. We have dedicated developers familiar with our SMS Gateway HTTP/SMTP APIs. No coding and nothing would be handled by you; we handle the complete SMS (Short Message Service) Gateway Integration process. Increasing needs of an offshore e-commerce and shopping cart website/application to exponential rates; it is very essential that your web store is integrated with an SMS gateway with your merchant account. Get an SMS with each order you shipping.

Xcodefix Global IT Solutions India Pvt Ltd is integrating SMS API integration with manyservice providers with online shopping websites)/ Application for our Clients.

An SMS API supports mostly all the frameworks available like HTML, PHP, ASP, ASP .Net, VB .Net, JAVA, Ruby on Rails, Perl, Python, SMS API avails you the ready-made kits for mentioned frameworks and shopping carts like Magento, Joomla, Zencart, WordPress,Drupal,Open Cart, CS Cart to make the integration easy.

SMS Gateway Functionality

  • SMS Gateways are connected to carriers networks on the one side and software applications on the other side.
  • A request that contains a message and a Mobile number can be submitted to a gateway (through its API), and the gateway will find the route availability to deliver the message.
  • The message is then passed to the respective route and sent on to the end user mobile number.

API Access

An Application Programming Interface (API) is one way to connect to SMS’s Core Messaging Platform. This provides an easy, efficient and flexible option to integrate with your website / application, facilitating auto-generated SMS Text messages to be delivered to the intended recipients mobile phones.



Transactional SMS - Test API

(-7 Error ?) Replace Your Password in the window that opened, Near password=

Promotional SMS - Test API

(-7 Error ?) Replace Your Password in the window that opened, Near password=

Promotional SMS will not work on NCPR registered number and will work only between 9AM to 9PM Check for DND/NCPR

Fetch Delivary Status - API Format


Fetch Credit Status - API Format


Attribute Definitions

Attribute NameExplanation Example
usernameUsername of your accountXXXXX
passwordPassword of your accountThornton
sender_id Sender ID (Approved)SMSIND
routeRoute - (T - Transactional) or (P - Promotional)T
phonenumber 10 Digit Mobile number (India)1234567890
messageApproved template message if Transactional or Any message in PromotionalURL ENCODE The Message
broadcastidThe response ID received when sending smsXX_XXX
dateYYYYMMDD Format20131231

Transactional SMS API Example

Promotional SMS API Example


  • Get Request Maximum size - 1024

API Format

URL -> https://smsc.xcodefix.in/xmlapi/send
POST -> variable name -> xmlstring
Example : xmlstring= <pushsms>....</pushsms>

XML Format

PHP - HTTP API - Examples

JAVA - HTTP API - Examples

VB.DOT NET - HTTP API - Examples

C#.DOT NET - HTTP API - Examples

PHP - XML API - Examples

JAVA - XML API - Examples

javac SmsCall.java
java SmsCall

JAVA - XML API - Examples

Error Codes

-15DLR APIInvalid Broadcast / Phone number
-16APIUser Account Locked
-17APIInvalid Route ID (T- Transactional / P-Promotional)
-18APIInvalid Route Or Sender ID Mapping
-19APIRoute or Sender ID Not Approved

To use Xcodefix IT Solutions India Pvt Ltd HTTP API in your website or application, create an account with us.

activation Instant Activation
sms Login & Sending SMS
sms Sending Marketing SMS
sms Multiple Type SMS
file Multiple File Format
sms SMS Scheduling
address book Importing Addressbook
address book Online Address Book
sms Sending Dynamic SMS
options Send to Many Option
template Own Template Creation
networks Delivered to All Networks
web app Online Web Application
no documents No Documents Required
no software No Software Required
accuracy Accuracy
delivery Instant Delivery
user friendlly User Friendly
load balancer Heavy Load Balancer
server Redundant Server
delivery Guaranteed Delivery
confidental Highly Confidential
reach easy Easy to Reach Your Target
support 24 x 7 Support